Monday, 28 March 2011

What's SFB?


Long time no update here ! lol. Sorry guys, we've been so busy lately. Hoho. Hello, you're not an add math teacher so stop bragging-lah. Hahahahaha. Kinda true, but what-so-eva. We've seen so not-to-many questions about ' What's SFB?' Ohhh, my God ! Sorry guys for not explaining to guys thousand apologize ! HeeHee !

So, today i wanna tell you guys about SFB. So, open your eyes as big as you can, okay?

SFB is Sintok Fantastic Bloggers. It has been created by Nur Asniza Md Zahir & Sumiyah Amran, the form 4 students from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Baru Sintok. At first we dont know what to do then, Sumiyah has just gave a fantastic idea and that was create a new group for Sintok Students and None Sintok Students, so, everyone can join our new group. As you know, this blog has been created by me, Sumiyah Amran. Lol, make me famous yaww ! HeeHee.

We've only 32 members right now, so, we need your support to make us more famous, ehhh, bukan bukan ! to enhance our spirit-lah. We dont want to ask you guys to add us on fb, be one of our SFB member or follow us on blog, we just wanted to get to know each other, be our new friend(s), share information, learn something new or else. Yeah, like that-lah !

But, if you guys want to add us/ be SFB members, follow this steps please

First Step : Log In your own Fb.
Second Step : If you wanna be SFB'S member, you must add Asniza Zahir, click on her name. Then, join our group, Sintok Fantastic Bloggers, click on the title.

You've three choices, add her or add our SFB FB at or BOTH. Its okay. No charge !

Asniza Zahir's Facebook

Our Group

 SFB Official Facebook

Thanks for reading. XoXo ! P/ s : Support Us ! Thanks People !

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