Friday, 25 March 2011

Where Do You Want To Go?


So, where do you guys want to go? For ' lepasan SPM-lah ' not for the school students. lol. Damn it, we've to go to tuition, study hard/ smart, finish our homework, go to school like every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ! Ahhhhhhhhh, let's pity on us i mean on school students. HeeHee.

I would like to give you guys some freebies, want some? Scroll down, please ! But smile first. Like this old man. HeeHee


Isn't he such a adorable darling? HeeHee, smile people smile ! Lol !

Here you go . . .
Click on the image logo below to go to their website. This is just an examples that we would like to show at you guys. HeeHee.

Klik pada logo imej untuk pergi ke website Uni/ Kolej tersebut. Ini hanya contoh contoh yang hendak kami tunjuk. HeeHee. Skema tak?

Public University

This is UUM, at Kedah.

Private University

This is UniSel at Selangor

University College
This is SeGi, somewhere in Malaysia

Private College
This is Mahsa, somewhere in Malaysia

For more details, go here : -

So, where do guys want to go? HeeHee. Choose dont Choose ! And, Good Luck Eveyone ! ! !

Thanks for reading. XoXo

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